How does Managed VAS Grow my Business?

Managed VAS helps grow your business in two ways: by accelerating revenue growth and by increasing cost-efficiencies.

We grow revenues by deploying a dedicated Managed VAS team who devise campaigns and promotions, as well as deploy new features and service enhancements quickly to ensure end users remain engaged with the service. The team also tracks performance against revenue targets, revising offerings and promotions to meet changing end user demands. By working closely with you, Telemune ensures the service is customized to meet market needs, which in turn drives usage and revenue growth.

We deliver cost efficiencies and an improved ROI by deploying a highly cost-efficient Smart SDP, engineered to deliver greater throughput with reduced investment. You can deploy any Telemune VAS on the platform with no or minimal additional hardware investment. We enable further cost savings by removing the need for investment in an extensive in-house team focused on managing VAS services. Our dedicated Managed VAS Services team focus 100% on growing the VAS business - and free up in-house resources to work on other projects.