What is Managed VAS?

Managed VAS is our proposition to mid-sized operators wishing to offer a strong portfolio of value added services that grow revenues and are cost-efficient and fast to deploy. With Managed VAS, we deploy our Smart SDP platform, one or multiple VAS apps and we dedicate a team of managed VAS professionals to manage the service.

In a Managed VAS engagement, we work closely with you as a partner. We deploy an on-site support resource, an Account Manager and off-site development engineers and support executives to ensure:

-  We deliver an optimal service in terms of features, tariffs and positioning for the market
-  The service performs in line with mutually agreed targets
-  We deliver against mutually agreed revenue targets
-  We deploy services in the committed timeframes

Managed VAS offers value for medium sized operating companies, with Telemune handling upfront investment costs so that operators avoid making any initial capex investment. Telemune also tailors services to meet specific market needs and ensure end users are attracted to the service proposition and remain engaged with the service into the long term. In a Managed VAS relationship, Telemune assumes significant risk in the engagement, and is committed to succeed as the relationship is based on a revenue share business model.