Vision Mission and Values

We believe in working towards common goals and drawing on our shared values to achieve these.


To be the cornerstone of the mobile telecom ecosystem, delivering communication products and services that demonstrably improve the lives of over 1 billion people across emerging markets.


Through our work, realize our potential and concretely contribute to making peoples’ lives richer through the use of mobile technology.


  • Joyful Pride

    Working together to fulfil our own potential and our customers’ expectations. We take pleasure in our work and pride in the results.

  • Getting Better in Every Way

    Constantly striving to grow our knowledge: developing and challenging ourselves to build better products and services. We do a good job but we know there is always room for improvement!

  • True to Ourselves

    Working with humility and integrity to remain grounded and strong.

  • Steadfast

    Resolute in our dedication and determination to deliver on our commitments, we take ownership throughout the relationship.