Managed VAS

Telemune's Managed VAS helps mid-sized operators grow revenues, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. With Telemune Manages VAS, Telemune takes end-to-end responsibility for managing your VAS services end-to-end – from pre-deployment to ongoing operations and revenue management.

With a Managed VAS engagement, Telemune works with the operator to understand specific market requirements and ensure services meet market needs. Importantly, there is zero capex investment required up front as Telemune handles this.

Managed VAS combines Telemune’s service management ability, its technology know-how - in the form of its Smart SDP - and its expertise in the development of VAS offerings. Smart SDP is an adaptable, fast to deploy, cost-efficient platform, able to scale and expand or modify services, quickly. Our VAS apps are tried and tested in the market – they meet changing consumer needs, on time and with reliability.

Completing our Managed VAS proposition is a dedicated revenue management team, who are focused on growing your business into the long term. We manage your service and deliver revenues – in line with performance goals, whilst you focus on business objectives. We work on a revenue share basis and partner with you for the long term, based on a foundation of trust, transparency and a proven track record of success.