How are services managed?

Telemune begins managing the service prior to service launch! The team completes all prelaunch steps, taking a long term view. This means that any customizations that are required can be scheduled prior to launch, or post launch, depending on market requirements. Once deployed, Telemune dedicates a team to the engagement. A dedicated Account Managed takes overall responsibility for managing the relationship, working closely with the operator and Telemune to ensure business goals are top of mind. Telemune provides onsite support for the service, capable of handling both technical and commercial requirements, whilst an offsite team provides development and service support.

There is daily communication and reviews of revenues, with Telemune working with the operator to devise campaigns and promotions to engage users and drive uptake and usage. Together, Telemune and the operator define service goals, in terms of features and content, with Telemune delivering enhancements and content through third party partners.

Telemune has extensive experience in building revenues within a Managed VAS relationship and draws on this to suggest long term strategy and short term tactics.

The basis of the relationship is built on trust, transparency and a proven track record – and the Telemune team is committed to delivering against business goals.