How does Smart SDP help our overall business performance?

How does Smart SDP Help Overall Business Performance?

Smart SDP delivers the range and quality of services that enable mid-sized operators to accelerate VAS usage and revenue growth. The Telemune team has innovatively engineered Smart SDP to be highly cost efficient, yet highly reliable, scalable and adaptable.

Cost-efficient and cost-effective

You can deploy additional VAS apps on our Smart SDP at no, or minimal incremental cost on hardware. Our customers have commented that throughput is also significantly higher than anticipated for the level of investment required – whilst our services meet defined availability performance levels.

Renewed business focus

With a revenue share model, Smart SDP helps you achieve business goals by enabling the launch of revenue-driving VAS services with little or no upfront investment. Together, we define service and business performance goals at the outset and we deliver against these – enabling you to focus on business imperatives, whilst we manage the Smart SDP platform and service offerings.