How does the Managed VAS Services team help grow revenues?

Within the team, the Account Manager works closely with you to ensure the team is performing in line with revenue objectives. The focus is on monitoring performance and evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, promotions and new service features. By establishing a virtuous circle of feedback, with the wider team, we are able to rapidly implement new features and new promotions.

The dedicated On-Site Support Manager ensures the service is running optimally, as well as acting as a key point of contact for feedback.

With a 10-strong team dedicated to supporting growth, our customers’ revenues increase, in some instances, dramatically. For one international operator, Telemune has helped grow revenues 15-fold – calculated from the end of the 1st year of engagement to the 5th year.  And the customer has just extended the engagement for a further 3 years. An indication of customer and end user satisfaction.

The case study on the impact of Managed VAS highlights how Telemune drives revenue growth. Read More . . .