What are Managed VAS Services

We dedicate a team of professionals to manage your VAS services – from scoping the service requirements, to architecting the system, to deployment and ongoing all-round service management, including technical operations and business operations. Technical operations includes service monitoring, management and maintenance as well as support. Our team monitors service performance against mutually agreed performance level criteria – in terms of availability, throughput and other mutually agreed service performance criteria. Business operations is strategic and tactical marketing activities, such as servicefeatures, positioning, tariff-setting, campaigns and promotions. These activities ensure the service attracts the target audience, engages users on an ongoing basis and meet revenue objectives.

With many years of experience in delivering Managed VAS projects and working on Managed VAS engagements, our Managed VAS Services team has amassed significant knowledge across multiple deployments and geographies. The team knows how to build, enhance, promote and monetize VAS. Managed VAS Services is a key component of a Managed VAS engagement, which unites platform, apps and service management. Underlying the relationship is a business model based on a revenue share agreement, where Telemune takes on a signficiant proportion of risk in launching the service with the operator - and together with the operator, shares in the reward.